Crest Foods ASHTON, IL Crest Foods We completed a 179,000 square foot resurface parking lot for Crest Foods Co., Inc. packaging facility in Ashton, IL in late 2020. The scope of work included removal of 6,600 tons of existing 6” asphalt on day one, while paving back 4,500 tons of 4" binder the following day. Royer’s tight schedule allowed our client not to miss a beat in their productivity Floor to Ceiling SYCAMORE, IL Floor to Ceiling Royer, a division of Curran, performed a full asphalt removal and replacement for the Floor to Ceiling store in Sycamore, IL. The project was 48,036 sf. Royer Asphalt Paving is located in DeKalb specializing in commercial and residential paving with over 40 years of experience. Rochelle New Hospital ROCHELLE, IL Rochelle New Hospital Royer Asphalt Paving, a division of Curran, replaced two parking lots recently for Rochelle Community Hospital. The scope of work included 31,000sf of asphalt removal with crews back paving a binder layer followed by the surface layer. The lots were completed in two separate days keep parking open for the patients and staff. Elburn Fire Dept. ELBURN, IL Elburn Fire Department We repaired the deteriorated areas throughout the entire lot while keeping the fire department ambulance and fire truck exit and entrance accessible at all times. The fire department had a very short project completion window, two days, but we were able to meet this quick turn deadline. Culver's DEKALB, IL Culver's We installed the lot for the new building per project specifications, conditions, requirements and timelines. This project was on a very tight timeline requiring strict coordination with many other sub contractors that all needed to occupy the same space at the same time as us, including accommodating the delivery schedule of fixtures and furniture into the paving work zone. This was instrumental in keeping the entire project on time. Union Pacific Railroad Crossing DEKALB, IL Union Pacific Railroad Crossing This project required the closure of a major intersection in town, an intersection of two state highways with Union Pacific freight train tracks running diagonally through it. The job required both major roads to be closed for one week. Additionally, paving was needed immediately before and after the track removal and replacement to ensure the entire repair was completed on time to reopen the road and the track. Maple Park Driveway MAPLE PARK, IL Maple Park Driveway This project included all phases of work with interior paving inside the barn as well as exterior paving to the house and the barn. The new driveway to the barn was installed by first excavating the area then installing a sufficient stone base. The main driveway was excavated to create a wider driveway where a substantial stone base was installed. The driveway to the barn was paved, providing the existing residence highly improved curb appeal. Shodeen Parking Lot DEKALB, IL Shodeen Shop Parking Lot The existing building was renovated from a deli to an ice cream shop. We completely removed the old, deteriorated pavement and replaced it with new pavement, greatly enhancing the newly remodeled building. Waterman Driveway WATERMAN, IL Waterman Driveway For us, the customer always comes first. The homeowner had very specific requirements on how they wanted the pavement to look. We completely removed the existing concrete driveway and widened the area to create a new, long-lasting asphalt drive. This driveway required us to pay special attention to tight drainage areas and exacting customer demands. The end result was a beautiful driveway and another extremely happy customer! Chuck Shepard Resource Bank SOMONAUK, IL Chuck Shepard Resource Bank This project required multiple phases in order to keep the bank operating while the new addition and parking lot were installed. We worked hard to keep business as usual with minimal disruptions to the day-to-day traffic flow through the area. Edens Garden Path DEKALB, IL DeKalb Park District - Edens Garden Path Special care and attention was taken to ensure the safety of the patrons of the park while we repaved the path that traveled through the park and around the park’s playground. The path and park sit in a densely populated area, so we performed the work during non-peak hours to minimize potential hazards and disturbances to patrons. Seymour of Sycamore SYCAMORE, IL Seymour of Sycamore Our state of the art milling machine expedited this project so the customer experienced none of the delays in the shipping and receiving departments that would have occurred had the machine not been used in this application. Huntley Middle School DEKALB, IL Huntley Middle School This job was on a tight schedule to complete the work before the school year started. We patched, saw-cut and removed the existing asphalt, shaped and compacted the existing gravel base and paved the area with new asphalt. Energym SYCAMORE, IL Energym The owner had a very tight timetable to get this parking lot installed during a low volume period for the gym. The project was successfully installed without delay to his business. Paw Paw Driveway PAW PAW, IL Paw Paw Driveway For this project we had to shape and compact the existing base, then we installed a new paved driveway to the thickness desired by the homeowner. We were able to complete the project in just one day – the homeowner left for work driving on a dusty gravel drive and arrived home to a beautiful paved driveway that improved the overall look of the residence. Castle Bank DEKALB, IL Castle Bank We needed to perform the work to this bank parking lot quickly to keep business disruptions and parking displacement to a minimum. We were successful in maintaining quality while keeping to the quick turnaround time. Dollar General Store CORTLAND, IL Dollar General Store We were selected out of several other bidders to perform the work to this lot, based on price alone. Once the job was completed the general contractor that had selected us was so impressed with our quality and workmanship that we were used to come work at his next project. Founder's Elementary School DEKALB, IL Founder's Elementary School This project was awarded to us late during the summer break season. The school held us to a very tight schedule to complete the paving, striping, basketball standards, landscaping and other details before the start of the school season. Our planning and diligent work paid off as we were able to finish the job well before the first day of school. Greenwood Cemetery HINCKLEY, IL Greenwood Cemetery It was exceptionally important to perform the patch, level and overlay of the badly deteriorated pavement in between services that were scheduled throughout the two-day project. The condition of the road was extremely rutted and out of shape prior to the construction. In the end, the result was smooth, long-lasting pavement and another very satisfied customer. Sycamore Driveway SYCAMORE, IL Sycamore Driveway This particular project was unique in that it actually started a few years prior to our involvement. The owner had hired an unknown company from an unknown location to pave a large portion of the driveway. Two years later we were called to remove the majority of the pavement they had installed and re-paved the entire driveway, professionally and correctly, to the satisfaction of the homeowner. Pappas Development DEKALB, IL Pappas Development Sycamore Road This job had to be completed quickly and on time to meet the tight moving schedule of the new tenant of the building. The own is a repeat customer for us that continues to use us because they know the work will be done on time and done right the first time. Sean Kelly Homes SYCAMORE, IL Sean Kelly Homes New homes require that the driveway be done on time to meet the closing schedule. It also needs to be done correctly so that you have a happy new homeowner. The driveway is the first thing a homeowner sees when they arrive home; it’s what they park on and what their kids may play on. We pride ourselves in treating every job like it’s our own driveway.


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